Professional Work at RVTR

Project Team:Deep Monitoring Project: Dr. David Burke, Dr. Joseph Myers, Dr. Maria Woodward, Dr. Paula Anne Newman-Casey, Dr. Mark Burns

Eye Health Institute: Dr. Joseph Myers, Dr. Richard Cross
Architecture: RVTR (Geoffrey Thün, Kathy Velikov, Ya Suo, Dan Tish, Kallie Sternburgh)
Structural Engineering: SDI
Container Fabrication: Advantage Structures
Structural Steel: IFS
Export Packaging: Corrigan Air and Sea Cargo
Shipping Logistics: Food for the Poor

Feasibility Study, Research, Scoping, Design Development, Bidding, Construction Document

In partnership with the Kellogg Eye Center, Eye Health International (EHI), and the Jamaican Ministry of Health, the first CommonHealth+ prototype was developed, prefabricated, and shipped to Jamaica in the spring of 2016, where it is now operated by EHI in partnership with local authorities. The work is part of a broader research effort at the University of Michigan entitled Deep Monitoring, which, with support from the Provost’s Third Century Global Challenges initiative, aims to deliver technology-enabled health monitoring for chronic health care issues to remote and underserved populations globally.

CommonHealth+ at Sandy Bay Jamaica is the first in a series of prototypical modified container health clinics that aim to deliver telemedicine-based services in support of health monitoring for chronic care of public health issues for remote and underserved populations globally.

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