The Axis House

The Axis House narrates a journey engaging visitors with the Medieval landscape, the night sky and other spectators on the pilgrimage in search for the Galaxy. Taking astronomy observing requirements as design opportunities, building structures are connected to the Fortress through the North-South passage, which also serve as a guidance for observatory activities. During the day, the passage amplifies the transition from the fortress to natural landscape. At night, dim red light is utilized in the public area to maintain dark adaption for nighttime viewing, casting the site with a mysterious red glow.

In response to the highly protected fortress, the project incorporates a new passage and alters the fortress as a public landscape. While keeping most of the fortress well preserved, the newly added skylounge reinterprets Medieval architectural tectonic to fill up the void of the fortress. Instead of a watchtower, the observatory tower engulfed visitors into the vantage point of the panoramic view of Roccascalegna. As the highest point of the passage, it is the place for precise observation of celestial activities. Coming down from the observation tower, one will arrive at the observation deck, on which stargazing events for large groups can take place. Further down through the meandering stairs and ramp is the restaurant staged at the foot of the fortress.

The passage, along with observatory houses, steps down towards North from the skylounge to the bottom of the hill. Water element and terrace signify the transition between the houses and the passage, marking the end of the collective journey and the beginning of the personal exploration. The same terracing tectonic applies to the interior of the observatory houses, rendering a submerging experience as well as creating different platform heights for various domestic activities. Finite opening on the solid partitions nicely frame the natural scenery, while skylight above bedrooms enclose the dweller in a moment of solitude, especially during the night.

Project Team:
Ya Suo, Carol Nung, Jueying Liu

Concept, Site Planning, Architectural Design, Project Narrative, Diagrams, Drawings and Rendering

2017, Gold Mention (Among Top 7 Worldwide), Observatory Houses Competition, Young Architects Competitions (YAC)

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